Ideas to combat half-term heart-ache: DAY 4 - Fabula Toys

Ideas to combat half-term heart-ache: DAY 4

Ideas to combat half-term heart-ache: DAY 4

Last night's concert was sure to have gotten your little ones full of confidence. Today let's use that spirit to get their imaginations soaring high!



How often have our little ones given us an excuse that sounded... well... inspired? Believe it or not, today is going to be all about that suspension of belief. This is an activity that can be done completely by children or assisted by parents - depending on how old your little one is and also, how keen you are on being a part of today's adventure. We will leave it up to you to decide, it'll be fun either way. Here are our famous 3 steps:



Work through all of your little one's favourite books, movies and characters to determine their favourite ones. It doesn't have to be a single character - let them choose a few if they like - but keep it below 5 in order to not make it too complicated going forward. Now help them understand the special personality of each character. For example, if your child has chosen superheroes, what are each of their super powers? This will help them distinguish between the characters as well as weave the story with ease



Now this is where the magic happens! Let your little one's imagination go wild - think about places, scenarios, special occasions, music, colours, food, whatever pops into their minds. If you are part of the process too, then jot them all down in a piece of paper then slowly string them together to form an exciting narrative sprinkled with everything your little one has thought of. Be prepared to offer an extra helping of glue whenever the bits of the story struggle to come together. 



And this one is not mandatory but if you're up for it - draw up illustrations for your story. Drawing, colouring or painting the characters, the scenes would help etch the story even better into the mind of your little one. There is a high chance your little one will lose their interest and energy midway through their creation. So start humble - maybe by the cover page of your 'book'? That way you aren't committing to 25 sketches right at the start!


So now you see why we said this could be an independent or joint effort. Works both ways really and the best thing is that no matter which route you take, you will have an amazing keepsake out of the day!