Ideas to combat half-term heart-ache: DAY 3 - Fabula Toys

Ideas to combat half-term heart-ache: DAY 3

Ideas to combat half-term heart-ache: DAY 3

So you've had a night of star gazing and a day of adventures, now it's time for the family to come together and strut your stuff!


That's right - this is a great opportunity to either do what you like best or encourage someone to pursue a brimming talent they're shying away from. You can decide whether it's impromptu or you want to take some time to prepare, but make sure each person performs what they are most confident about - this is about fun, so comfort is very important! Here is our 3-step formula to a super fun family evening



Set up a small concert area wherever it is most convenient - though our favourite would be the living room. Move furniture aside to make lots of space and keep it safe for little ones. Use bedsheets to create the curtains effect and make a fun banner that runs across the back with the name of the family! Don't worry about elaborate seating arrangements, just plonk over some cushions on the floor for the audience. Check with each participant what they need - from toy microphones to bluetooth speakers, make sure you're prepared with everything that might come handy for the performances! And if you're struggling for ideas, maybe try a puppet show using fabula's Finger Family set of 10 finger puppets!



Make this event something to share with those you love! Draw posters of the concert with Zoom links and share them liberally among grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins and friends. Remember, a supportive, cheering crowd can do heaps to build the confidence of your little ones. Ask them to grab some popcorn and save a seat on their couch!



The award ceremony of course! If you're up for it, make something small and cute to remember the evening. Don't worry about making it fancy, even paper crowns would be great! At the end of the concert, hand it out to everyone who participates.  The point of the evening isn't to win, but to encourage skills among our children. Oh and pro tip - there is a high chance that boosted by all the cheering, your little one might want to go up to perform over and over again in what might appear to be an endless chain. Should that happen, do remember to stay patient and pat yourself for building a great platform of confidence in your little baby!


Just dropping a headsup that at the end of the evening, when the zoom goodbyes have been said and 13 rounds of 'Let it go!' are done, you might get very, very teary eyed holding your little superstar in an unending cuddle and a heart swelling with pride <3