Ideas to combat half-term heart-ache: DAY 5 - Fabula Toys

Ideas to combat half-term heart-ache: DAY 5

Ideas to combat half-term heart-ache: DAY 5

It's the last day of half-term and we saved the best for the last! We have spent the last 4 days challenging our little ones intellectually, it is now time to challenge their bodies a tiny bit. And if you want our advice, this is a great one for you to join in too - it's both exercise and fun rolled into one.


We can sense the heartbeats rising - so let us assure you rightaway that this is going to be perfectly safe. Just follow the 3 steps we've outlined below and we promise the only reason to get your heart racing would be your own competitive spirit!


Choose a room in your home with the highest adaptability factor. If we had to choose, the living room would be a favourite! Push the couch to the walls, move the coffee table out of the room and anything else can topple over/ break needs to be stacked away. To make the room extra safe get as many cushions and pillows you can find and plonk them across the sides to soften any falls.



Now the fun begins! Use bits and bobs around the house to create an obstacle race. Whether it's some rope for a skipping track, or a yoga mat for somersaults, a step stool to assist with jumps, pillow cases for sack races, scarf circles for hoop hops, a low tent for crawling and any free space at all for good ole jumping jacks! Don't worry about making your track Olympic worthy, just make sure you mix up a lot of different activities that can keep challenging your little one in new ways and keep the engagement high!



Now this is something we would suggest you do choose winners for. Because done right, this could be a great playground (pun intended!) to learn about both ambition as well as sportsman spirit! And if you're playing as well, maybe keep your level of competitiveness low :) Finally, no matter how safe your track is, it is always a good idea to keep a first-aid box and some ice packs around.


And that's it! Five glorious days of the half-term break spent encouraging, exciting as well as bonding with your little ones. Well done! Give yourself a big pat on the back for being a super parent! And don't forget to keep following us for many more fun ideas on engaging with your little one even through term time.