Our Story

Mum to a lively 3 year old, I have always found the idea of screen dependancy challenging. As a result I have been looking for a traditional, physical touch-and-feel universe to interest children in the same way. And two years of hard work later, I created fabula; latin, for fable or stories.



I have always found it absolutely amazing that my daughter could rattle off the entire rhyme of 'Twinkle twinkle little star' even before she could string a sentence together by herself - and a large part of my inspiration for the business has come out of that quiet insight. fabula is a line of children’s products that encourage play using this universal language that every child is fluent in even before they can comprehend actual vocabulary – nursery rhymes! In fact, we are the only brand in the world that doesn't just play the rhyme on a mechanical player, but actually explores the narrative of the rhyme to bring it alive through active play. After all, if you want your little peach to stop spending time in front of a screen, it's important we offered an alternative still exploring the same thing they adore on-screen - nursery rhymes - in the same engaged way!



Join us on this absolute adventure!


Screen-time and learning are just two of a million different topics parenthood challenges us with. I'm exploring these, and more in our blog section. Have a read and share your opinion!


Our products are also designed around the Early Years Learning Goals set by the UK Department of Education. If your little one is anything like my little girl, I'm sure you would agree that learning through play is the most effective tool for young children. And we have kept essential goals at the very heart of the fabula design ensuring that our little stars engage both their hearts and minds everytime they interact with fabula. Learning is very close to our heart, and that's why we have explicitly marked out the educational benefits of each toy across the website as well as product packaging. You can also explore the entire set of skills we address here.