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As most eductators will vouch, play is more than just a past time for children. It is in fact, one of the most efficient methods of absorbing and practising key skills for our little pumpkin. And just like little pumpkin, we at fabula also learn from experience. Through our design and creation process, we have studied and interpreted the various Early Years Learning Goals set by the Department for Education closely. Because we want to be absolutely, truthfully, undisputably sure that all fabula products encourage key skills such as verbal communication, language comprehension, use of the imagination, physical exercise, motor skills coordination, and help boost a sense of pride within family units and diversity in the world around us. As your little one adapts play to each growth stage, we mimic learning across our various products. That's why each fabula toy focuses on skills important for the age it is designed for. And we make sure you know about it too! When you order a product from us, our packaging will show you just which key skills your sweetheart will practise while playing with the you. And in these very unique circumstances if you are a teacher or planning to home-school, all you really need to do is build around our themes!



We have a very special place in our heart for teachers. You are an extremely precious influence in the earliest memories of our cupcakes and fabula is also designed with you in mind! We have seen how hard you have worked in the past, crafting toys yourself to make nursery rhymes more interactive. But now we are here to hold your hand through the circle times, cosy up the story corner and offer help comforting the little one who's just had to say goodbye to their parent.



We are always looking to collaborate with nurseries and schools and would be delighted to help find you the perfect product. Share your details with us, and we promise to be in touch soon!


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