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If you're looking to minimise your child's exposure to digital screens, then welcome to fabula! We understand that a standard set of blocks or a generic puzzle cannot solve your problem, because they forget to ask the simple question - why does your child enjoy screen-time? Because, it puts two of their favourites - music and story telling - in a heady mix!

AND THAT'S WHY EACH OF OUR FABULA TOYS ARE THE PERFECT ALTERNATIVE TO SCREEN-TIME. We bring age-old nursery rhymes to life through music and stories, while also offering your little one greater control over the characters in the rhyme and how their stories progress. Each of our toys are also designed with Early Years Learning Goals in mind, ensuring that your child is surrounded by toys that encourage healthy growth of their body and mind, alike.

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We have a very special place in our heart for teachers. You are an extremely precious influence in the earliest memories of our cupcakes and fabula is also designed with you in mind! We have seen how hard you have worked in the past, crafting toys yourself to make nursery rhymes more interactive.

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