Ideas to combat half-term heart-ache: DAY 2 - Fabula Toys

Ideas to combat half-term heart-ache: DAY 2

Ideas to combat half-term heart-ache: DAY 2

You've gone past DAY 1 - Bravo! 

Now it's time to put a confident second step forward and don't worry we've got your back. Our second idea is simple, but absolute genius!



That's right, we are going to plan an amazing day that celebrates the curiosity and never ending energy of your little one. And before you begin worrying about having to write riddles or plan elaborate setups, let us tell you that we have you covered. All you need to do is follow these simple 3-step instructions and you will be all set for some serious no-guilt chill time, while your children are both entertained and busy!



Before we begin, there is some important preparation to do. While your little one(s) are asleep, make sure a few of their favourite toys mysteriously disappear - the dearer, the better! Hide them in places unlikely for your children to look in. Remember to make a secret note for yourself to help remember which of the toys are gone - and where each is hidden.



Now, collect a set of different activities based on your child's age (such as subtraction, arranging items based on size, recognising which toys are heavier than which, etc.) and turn them into an all-day treasure hunt! If your nursery/ school has shared any homework for the holidays - this might be a great way to turn those into a fun game as well! The only thing to watch here would be to make sure the tasks aren't too lengthy or serious. It is about having fun after all.



Each time your child completes an exercise correctly, they get clues to find one of their precious possessions. You can make them slightly more complicated if you like, but our favourite is for the clue to be a word that rhymes with the location. For example if an LOL doll is hidden under a table, our clue would be CABLE. Easy for you, mid-level tough for them, and fun for both! Keep going through the process until all the exercises have been completed, all clues cracked and all toys found. If you're feeling particularly generous, you could sweeten the deal a bit by adding something exciting to the very end - like a new toy or a treat perhaps?


And that's it! About 10 minutes of planning and at least half a day worth of squealing, screaming fun! Oh, and did we mention a hot, uninterrupted cup of coffee?

You're welcome!