Ideas to combat half-term heart-ache: DAY 1 - Fabula Toys

Ideas to combat half-term heart-ache: DAY 1

Ideas to combat half-term heart-ache: DAY 1

Let's face it, you've had a long tough year and 2021 isn't looking much easier! But at least the children had their online classes. It kept them occupied, challenged and excited. And it gave you guilt-free time to work or just relax a little bit. But now half-term's begun and you're worried about how to keep your little ones engaged in a fun and productive way. We hear you - and that's why we're here!

Over the next 5 days, we will be sharing simple ideas that can turn you into a super fun parent with the best plan in the gang! For now, let's find out what we can do on Day 1.



We know what you're thinking, it's freezing outside! Well, who said anything about outside? With a little bit of creativity, you can bring the outdoors in for an experience to remember forever! Think about it, the preparations are easy enough for your little one to keep themselves busy with it all day, as well as have a no-hassle bed time because this one night they can tuck themselves in whenever they like! What's not to love? Just follow our three simple steps:



Find a tent - bring your existing one to life or if you're looking for a new one, try our Wheels on the Bus tent that can easily fit up to 5 children and an adult! Kinda essential for a long night of stretching. Plonk it straight on your little one's bed to keep the bottom nice, soft and comfortable. 



Fill the tent in with camping essentials - a nice throw, a few pillows, essential toys, story books, whatever rocks their boat. It is after all, about them having fun, so don't be too prescriptive about what is or isn't allowed inside. If they want to keep it real, be excited for the binoculars but if they're looking to get creative applaud the fairy wings with just as much enthusiasm!



Create the ambience. We have a massive soft spot for night sky projectors, so if you've got one THIS is literally its moment to shine! But if you haven't fear not, there are plenty of YouTube videos that can simulate forest sounds that can be left on to add some extra chills down the spine! Even though Step 3 isn't mandatory, we do think it goes a looooong way in making your camp night authentic and just that little bit more exciting!


Depending on the age and mood of your little one(s), you might or might not want them to spend the night alone in the tent. We'd suggest a mix; keeping popping around to make sure everyone's enjoying their camping adventure, but also own this night to plan an adventure of your very own!