4 YR OLD: Numbers, Colours & Phonics Combo

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By the 4th year, your toddler is ready for some sit down play! Both the Wheels in the Bus as well as Five Little Monkeys can be played alone as well, they are especially great played in a group! Watch your little ones social skills develop while their imaginations soar!

With Five Little Monkeys, perfect social skills of group play such as waiting for your turn with this introductory board game for toddlers! Spin the arrow to put colours and numbers together and find out which of the 25 little magnetic monkeys is sent to bed by the doctor next! The board is in a large format (radius of 25cm) along with chunky monkeys (length of over 7cm) that have hidden magnetic buttons to ensure they offer good grip to little hands!

It's amazing how early the little ones can begin to express their need for privacy. And have we got something for them! This cozy Wheels on the Bus tent comes with hours of engagement around the rhyme, also great for story time! At over 5 feet long, it allows for up to 6 children to comfortably play inside it. Though, of course the grown-ups are welcome too - the wide entrance ensures everyone can get in and out as they please! And the absolute star feature of this tent is the unique top window - which means mum or teacher can get a quick peek of who's inside and what they're up to without having to step in at all!




(1a) Start this exciting board game with a clean and empty board, but keep the 25 monkeys handy

(1b) Sing along the popular rhyme and spin the arrow at the centre

(1c) Once the arrow stops spinning, check the number and the colour of the bed it points at

(1d) The key purpose is for your little one to look through all the 25 magnetic monkeys to find the one that is wearing a jersey of the right colour and the right number that matches where the arrow is pointing, and lay it down to bed!

(1e) Keep spinning and playing until all 25 monkeys are back in bed, just like the doctor ordered!

(1f) You can also use these magnetic monkeys on the refrigerator or white boards to practise early addition and subtraction!

(2a) Assemble the tent

(2b) Follow each of the characters travelling in the bus - horse, tiger, mum, baby, monkey, etc. and sing along the rhyme, learning the sounds each of them make

(2c) Also don't forget to use the tent as a great play pen + slice of privacy. Perfect for dreamy imaginative play for lazy afternoons!





While this game can also be played alone, it is well suited for a group of 3-4 players, which can be an ideal scenario to teach young ones social skills such as waiting your turn or being happy for someone else. Because this is an 'everyone wins' game, there is no concern around competitiveness through GROUP PLAY. Often children can undergo a barrage of emotions while meeting other kids. From being shy, to awkward, or just competitive, it is not always easy for little ones to understand social expectations in a group scenario. Playing with this tent bonds children together through a rhyme they all know and love - and give them a fun activity that is non-competitive in nature, making them GROUP PLAY experts!

Through singing, multi-tasking and group play, children playing this game can really grow their power of expressing the challenge as well as solving it

Finding the right monkey in a group of 25 similar looking monkeys can be quite tricky, and therefore teaches young children attention to detail through OBSERVATION

While multi tasking seems like an easy job for grown ups, putting both numbers and colours together can be quite a daunting task for a 3 year old. This game will help them build on their COORDINATION skills

By recognising numbers as well as through early arithmetic, this boardgame encourages an interest in numbers. With repeat play, it is bound to have your little one off to an early start in their love for mathematics

While the tent is great to run through the rhyme, characters and all the sounds they make - it is also a melting pot of ideas for imaginative play. From afternoon teas, to indoor camping, from garden bus rides to plain and simple story corners, the Wheels on the Bus Tent is a boost to the IMAGINATION

Very often children learn rhymes without completely understanding the words in use. Our Wheels on the Bus ensures that children know exactly what some of the key words in the rhyme mean and the sounds they make. It assists in developing an early vocabulary among children using resources they already love - nursery rhymes

Our Wheels on the Bus tent introduce children to multiple animals and generates a sense of bonding with nature. In addition it helps young ones understand the sound each animal makes, which is a deeper understanding of each character within the bus. These actions intend on teaching compassion and love through ASSOCIATION while playing



(1a) 1 X Board (50cm)

(1b) 25 X monkeys (3cmx6.5cm) made of layered cardboard (0.3cm) and magnets, to hold each monkey to its designated bed

(1c) Foldable board

(1d) A spinner for the centre of the board

(1e) An accompanying card board box for easy storage and mobility 

(2a) Waterproof 100% polyester foldable tent - 1600mm X 850mm - can fit up to 6 children

(2b) 8 rods and 4 connectors, that fit into each corner of the tent holding it upright

(2c) Accompanying bag for easy storage and mobility. 


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