3YR OLD: Learning about the World (SAVE £13)

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Help your 3 year old explore numerical as well as social skills with this perfect set for toddlers! The Five Little Monkeys Board game helps with learning numbers and colours, while The Finger Family set of finger puppets can help explain the unirque composition of your family and the relationship each member shares with baby!

With The Finger Family, get your little one to take their baby steps into recognising their loved ones and watch as they beam their toothless grin with pride! Our special fabula family of dad, mum, brother, sister, baby, grandpa, grandma, best friend, dog and cat will not just help them recreate their own unique family, but also help learn about inclusivity across cultures and capabilities!

Perfect social skills of group play such as waiting for your turn with the Five Little Monkeys board game for toddlers! Spin the arrow to put colours and numbers together and find out which of the 25 little magnetic monkeys is sent to bed by the doctor next!

The board is in a large format (radius of 25cm) along with chunky monkeys (length of over 7cm) that have hidden magnetic buttons to ensure they offer good grip to little hands!


3 years +


Family ties, Imagination, Inclusivity, Association, Coordination, Observation, Communication, Group play




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