1 YR OLD: Exercise & Story-telling Combo

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If your little one is celebrating her/his 1st birthday and beginning to crawl, stand-up or take their first steps, encourage them to explore this wonderful world with our special combination of the Incy Wincy Spider set of play gloves and the If You're Happy dice. It can help with both sensory play as well as with a little bit of exercise to support both mental and physical development.

Incy Wincy Spider is the perfect toy every new parent needs to bond with their little one who is still getting familiar to the wonderful world outside! Great for sensory experiences with friendly, tactile characters of the spider, sun and cloud, this is your wearable story book for any time, any where! Beyond just the usual suspects of igniting the imagination and language comprehension, the Incy Wincy Spider is also the shining knight to slay all irrational fear of bugs!

Inflatable and easy to carry, the If You're Happy & You Know It dice is rather large but super light and great to exercise with a laugh! Sing along while the little ones roll themselves a new activity to jog both their minds and their muscles. Perfect for a little bit of baby-gym time! And say hello to our special fabula family of dad, mum, brother, sister, baby, grandpa, grandma, best friend, dog and cat to learn more about inclusivity across cultures and capabilities!


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Physicality, Imagination, Group play, Inclusivity, Family, Courage, Bonding, Sensory, Vocabulary 



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