3YR OLD: Learning about the World

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Help your 3 year old explore numerical as well as social skills with this perfect set for toddlers! The Five Little Monkeys Board game helps with learning numbers and colours, while The Finger Family set of finger puppets can help explain the unirque composition of your family and the relationship each member shares with baby!


With The Finger Family, get your little one to take their baby steps into recognising their loved ones and watch as they beam their toothless grin with pride! Our special fabula family of dad, mum, brother, sister, baby, grandpa, grandma, best friend, dog and cat will not just help them recreate their own unique family, but also help learn about inclusivity across cultures and capabilities!


Perfect social skills of group play such as waiting for your turn with the Five Little Monkeys board game for toddlers! Spin the arrow to put colours and numbers together and find out which of the 25 little magnetic monkeys is sent to bed by the doctor next!

The board is in a large format (radius of 25cm) along with chunky monkeys (length of over 7cm) that have hidden magnetic buttons to ensure they offer good grip to little hands!






(1a) Start this exciting board game with a clean and empty board, but keep the 25 monkeys handy

(1b) Sing along the popular rhyme and spin the arrow at the centre

(1c) Once the arrow stops spinning, check the number and the colour of the bed it points at

(1d) The key purpose is for your little one to look through all the 25 magnetic monkeys to find the one that is wearing a jersey of the right colour and the right number that matches where the arrow is pointing, and lay it down to bed!

(1e) Keep spinning and playing until all 25 monkeys are back in bed, just like the doctor ordered!

(1f) You can also use these magnetic monkeys on the refrigerator or white boards to practise early addition and subtraction!

(2a) Lay down all 10 finger puppets and identify those that relate to a member of your family

(2b) Now wear each of the puppets in any order you like, and sing the very popular rhyme 'The Finger Family' to each character 

(2c) Encourage your child to join in with the responses to each question, if they can

(2d) Feel free to ask your child which other character they might like to include in their 'family' 




While this game can also be played alone, it is well suited for a group of 3-4 players, which can be an ideal scenario to teach young ones social skills such as waiting your turn or being happy for someone else. Because this is an 'everyone wins' game, there is no concern around competitiveness through GROUP PLAY

Through singing, multi-tasking and group play, children playing this game can really grow their power of expressing the challenge as well as solving it

While multi tasking seems like an easy job for grown ups, putting both numbers and colours together can be quite a daunting task for a 3 year old. This game will help them build on their COORDINATION skills

By recognising numbers as well as through early arithmetic, this boardgame encourages an interest in numbers. With repeat play, it is bound to have your little one off to an early start in their love for mathematics

Through the Fabula FAMILY of Mummy, Daddy, Brother, Sister, Baby, Grandpa, Grandma, Cat, Dog and Best friend finger puppets, we encourage children to recognise members of their own families. Apart from being able to relate to the toy better, it also encourages a better sense of self for little ones - as well as prepare for an oncoming baby or a new pet

This set of finger puppets is made for both, playing alone as well as group play. So, the Fabula Family of Mummy, Daddy, Brother, Sister, Baby, Grandpa, Grandma, Cat, Dog and Best friend become the perfect companion for anyone who wants to play along. Put together the finger puppets can not just recreate a child's own family, but also recreate any combination or bring any story to life - giving a healthy boost to IMAGINATIVE PLAY!

Through identifying each finger puppet and finding similarities with a family member - our Finger Family Puppets encourage a keen sense of OBSERVATION among little ones, who start off assuming every family is the same, only to learn that each family is different and eventually understands what makes their own family unique. Finding the right monkey in a group of 25 similar looking monkeys can be quite tricky, and therefore teaches young children attention to detail

We are extremely passionate about being an INCLUSIVE brand as well as promoting it early among young children. That is why the characters of the Fabula family who feature liberally across the finger puppets are of mixed cultures and also represent those with disabilities as integral and loving members of the world around us. We have taken special care to also include same sex, adopted and foster families to be able to offer representation to most children  

Our set of finger puppets go beyond the immediate family to also include grand parents, best friend and pets; who are often very important members of a child's universe. These intend on teaching compassion and love through ASSOCIATION while playing



(1a) 1 X Board (50cm)

(1b) 25 X monkeys (3cmx6.5cm) made of layered cardboard (0.3cm) and magnets, to hold each monkey to its designated bed

(1c) Foldable board

(1d) A spinner for the centre of the board

(1e) An accompanying card board box for easy storage and mobility

(2a) 10 machine washable tricot finger puppets

(2b) Soft carrybag for easy storage and mobility


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