If You're Happy & You Know It


Inflatable and easy to carry, this rather large but super light dice is great to exercise with a laugh! Sing along while the little ones roll themselves a new activity to jog both their minds and their muscles. Perfect for a little bit of baby-gym time! And say hello to our special fabula family of dad, mum, brother, sister, baby, grandpa, grandma, best friend, dog and cat to learn more about inclusivity across cultures and capabilities! And the best thing about this dice is that it can be played indoors on rainy days, taken outdoors for a picnic or even splashed about in the pool on a sunny afternoon!





(1) Inflate your 'If You're Happy & Know It' toy

(2) Give the dice a good roll

(3) Now follow the action described on the face of the dice that is pointing upwards. For little children who can't read, you can also just follow the illustrations depicting the action

(4) Don't forget to sing the famous rhyme along as you play! 



 EXERCISING has never been more fun for the little ones! Through clapping their hands, jumping up and down, doing a jiggle-wiggle and other activities, children can stretch their growing muscles in a healthy and fun way

This dice is made for both, playing alone as well as group play. So, the Fabula Family of Mummy, Daddy, Brother, Sister, Baby, Grandpa, Grandma, Cat, Dog and Best friend become the perfect companion for anyone who wants to play along giving a healthy boost to IMAGINATIVE PLAY!

Often children can undergo a barrage of emotions while meeting other kids. From being shy, to awkward, or just competitive, it is not always easy for little ones to understand social expectations in a group scenario. Playing with this dice bonds children together through a rhyme they all know and love - and give them a fun activity that is non-competitive in nature, making them GROUP PLAY experts!

We are extremely passionate about being an INCLUSIVE brand as well as promoting it early among young children. That is why the characters of the Fabula family who feature liberally across the dice are of mixed cultures and also represent those with disabilities as integral and loving members of the world around us. . We have taken special care to also include same sex, adopted and foster families to be able to offer representation to most children   

Through the Fabula FAMILY of Mummy, Daddy, Brother, Sister, Baby, Grandpa, Grandma, Cat, Dog and Best friend who act out the various actions on the faces of this dice, we encourage children to recognise members of their own families. Apart from being able to relate to the toy better, it also encourages a better sense of self for little ones



(1) 30cmX30cmX30cm dice, great for early age exercise and circle time. Deflate and store in accompanying bag to carry it around!


If you're happy and you know it - clap your hands!

If you're happy and you know it - stomp your feet!

If you're happy and you know it - jiggle wiggle!

If you're happy and you know it - jump up and down!

If you're happy and you know it - turn around!

If you're happy and you know it - say hurray!

If you're happy and you know it - and you really want to show it

If you're happy and you know it - say hurray!



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